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TUZZit is a online collaborative whiteboard that will help you to develop your creativity. It's the perfect tool for visual and design thinking.

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TUZZit, creative platform crafted in Belgium with love since 2012.

TUZZit is the virtualization of the most simple, creative and widely used collaborative tool from the real world, a web and mobile collaborative whiteboard allowing people from around the world to share and develop ideas without limiting their creativity. It is also a new way to learn, use and share methodologies and canvases.


TUZZ (pronunciation: /tΛz/):


[with object]: create and develop an idea thanks to your social network.
On Sunday he Tuzzed his idea. On Monday he had a team to make it real!


from Walloon (french dialect spoken in eastern Belgium),
“TUSER”: to think about an idea, to grow an idea.

TUZZit team

Chrisotphe Fruytier

Christophe Fruytier

Founder & CEO

Christophe Fruytier is the founder and strategic developer of Tuzzit. He is a very active entrepreneur, passionate about creating new products and applications for people to enjoy. In 2012, an idea struck him: to build an app that would foster creativity and collaboration, all the while, staying as simple as possible.

  • Carbonade Flamande
  • Godfather I, II & III
  • Les Ti Tchapias
François Pirart

François Pirart

CVO & coffee analyst

François is in charge of the business development and communication at TUZZit. Passionate about new technologies and startup strategy, he is looking forward to build on his previous professional experience as a regional/transportation planner. François lived, worked and studied in various countries across the world (Belgium, Canada, England, Australia, Holland). More importantly, he downs coffee like water, dreams of mountains when not climbing them, and brews Belgian beer.

  • Tartiflette
  • A beautiful mind
  • Stereophonics
Cédric Laffineur

Cédric Laffineur

Developper & Kindle publisher

Cedric has more than 11 years experience in a large variety of programming projects. He is a passionate of mind mapping techniques and methodologies that he applies to boost his creativity. Father of four, he is the definition of a multitask man. His capability to meditate allows him to stay focus on his code or his poetry, even when four little devils are shouting in his ears.

  • Cataplana
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Fado, The Cure

David Theijs

Art Director

Jeune entrepreneur dans le secteur de la communication, David est l’atout indispensable dans le processus de développement de l’image de TUZZit. Fort de son expérience et de ses victoires consécutives au KIKK Festival, il apporte ses conseils & ses talents en matière d’identité visuelle & de web design.

  • Carbonade Flamande
  • Godfather I, II & III
  • Les Ti Tchapias

Jonas Thiry

Web Developper

Passionné dès le plus jeune âge par le monde du web, Jonas a fait de sa passion son métier. Après s’être forgé une expérience dans plusieurs agences web, il vole désormais de ses propres ailes. C'est en tant que freelance qu'il a rejoint l'équipe TUZZit pour aider sur la partie Front-end du site.

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  • Scarface
  • Electro / Rap / Reggae


Florian Meskens

Web Developer

Maxime-Emilien Hubert

Designer Trainee